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Revise Classes / Prices - Change from 'general' to 'hatha, gentle, soothing etc'

Add photos to all pages

Reduce & make consistent font sizes 

Finalise class timetable

Put up course details 6 weeks - waiting for Julie


Finalise all staff members on services

Review all prices on services 

Create Fees Page & organise payment / record system (can't do til gmail switched and site upgraded)

Note that it costs 32 euro per year to upgrade the scheduler to accept online bookings

Note that it costs 44 euro per year to add multiple price app for class passes


Review all content

= Check all links working efficiently

= Review service descriptions

= Review animation on Therapist boxes

Take pictures of staff

Upload correct photos

Edit all on phone tab

Send link to each staff member to confirm 

Upload first blog post to announce new website, services + instagram

Create instagram

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