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Class Facilitators

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Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

Maggie has always been widely fascinated by the functionality of human body thus spent nine years in Australia where she pursued an advanced study of Integrated Body Therapies. Thereafter, working as a Remedial Massage Therapist, her interest in yoga began to develop which led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in both Hatha & Kundalini. Inspired by the philosophy of Yoga, which Maggie credits her healthy body and peaceful mind to, she considers it not a hobby but a unique way of living. Adding the qualification of Mindfulness Instructor to her ever growing belt of knowledge with a specialty in Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction, Maggie continues to study with highly accredited teachers, furthering her career and also a practitioner of Vipassana Buddhist Meditation.

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Advanced Yoga Teacher,Pregnancy Yoga, Yin Yoga Instructor

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Hatha Yoga Instructor

Ken has been fascinated by Yoga since the discovery of the subtle energy centres in his own body - the chakras. Through his own exploration, Ken was able to understand the clear connection between body and mind that is often overlooked. He then went on to complete intensive Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of the Yoga Society of Ireland before continuing his training in India and then Nepal, completing 500 hours accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Teaching a gentle but powerful style of Hatha yoga, Ken uses a combination of breath-work, movement and relaxation to guide his class towards greater and physical wellbeing - connecting the pathways between mind, body and spirit. 



Group facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Ann Margaret specialises in Mindfulness Based Interventions and Acceptance & Commitment Training - a positive psychology methodology that helps people gain more presence and discover the importance of their everyday lives, freeing them from unhelpful patterns which may have caused them to feel stuck in the past. She successfully facilitates a Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction course within a group setting on a regular basis at Tree of Life. The areas in which she is highly skilled in span across a variety of settings including clinical, organisational, educational, community and private sessions. With a background in Human Relations and Training Education, Ann Margaret has a keen interest in using her myriad of skills to reduce stress and anxiety in corporate environments, resulting in higher creativity, innovation and productivity within the workplace. 

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Yoga Instructor

Julie has been a student of Yoga since 2001, and completed her Yoga teacher training in 2013. As a practicing counsellor and psychotherapist, Yoga has become an invaluable personal resource for her to help keep body and mind balanced. Julie wholeheartedly believes Yoga is an excellent form of moving meditation, helping to alleviate stress and pent up emotions. Her approach to teaching has been inspired by the many gifted Yoga instructors that have come through Tree of Life over the last 13 years. Julie teaches vinyasa flow Yoga, encouraging correct body allignment, posture and breath in unison with movement to fully take advantage of the feel good factor and endorphins that are released as a natural by-product of a consistent Yoga practice. 

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Advanced Mat based Pilates, Small Equipment & Special populations Instructor

Siobhán Quinn is a Dublin based Pilates teacher, mother of three and health, fitness & wellbeing enthusiast. After spending some time living in The States and being inspired by the method she decided to train and share her passion for Pilates with others. Siobhán has many years experience and holds an advanced qualification in Mat based Pilates, Small Equipment & Special populations. 

She has helped many people recover from injury & back back issues. Encouraged others when kickstarting their fitness journey. And helps many cyclists, runners etc to enhance their sport.

" It's the mind itself which shapes the body "

~ Joseph Pilates



Yoga Instructor

Hi my name is Aisling. I have always been a seeker. Growing up in the suburbs of North Dublin, I was always looking for meaning, symbols and secrets hidden in the natural world. I would very often head to the beach and the many beautiful local parklands around taking regular family holidays camping and caravanning in the four corners of Ireland which was always a treat. 
Dancing and movement where a huge part of growing up . I danced competitively as and Irish dancer, took ballet classes, gymnastics , played many spots from basketball to hockey. I understood from a young age how important it was to move and breath to maintain a happy spirit. 

My first Yoga Class was over a decade ago . After raising my children watching them grow, I came to the realisation that they didn’t need me at a full time capacity anymore. Yoga gave me a sense of freedom something I was doing just for me. It was here that I caught glimpses of what you might call the vastness of universal love or Devine moments of truth. I knew anything was possible, anything can happen if we allow it.

Since then, under the guidance of skilful teachers and the lens of my own devoted curiosity, my practice has evolved and unfolded and continues to do so with daily enquiry on and off my mat.  

I became the founder and owner of Yoga Shack in 2015.  I’m a certified Vinyasa, Prenatal & Childrens Yoga Teacher. I have continued to study and practice holding certificates in Shamanic Practices , Ayurvedic Medicine, Crystal Healing, Custom Jewellery Design & Craft. I also work as a private Chef, specialising is vegan and vegetarian food. 
Mediation and breathing have become a huge part of my daily Sadana allowing me to navigate the ups and downs of day to day life . 
Teaching Prenatal Yoga requires a mix of specific techniques of asana, Pranayama, and relaxation exercises designed to lead the pregnant women to a stage of mental balance, self awareness and physical strength.

Yoga means union within us. In pregnancy, the concept of union and and bond extends to the life that grows inside the mother, therefore to the soul of the unborn child.

Teaching Prenatal Yoga is very rewarding indeed. My goal is to guide expectant mothers towards accepting the changes that are taking place in your body and towards empowerment to relax and listen without fear, to find the time to accept the changes, and to give space  to live these nine months following your own rhythm and that of your child. During pregnancy it is important to create time to form a deep connection and bond with your baby , I am to assist expectant mothers connect with their inner wisdom and to accept and trust the normal course of nature, in this way you will know how to trust your instincts and be able to calmly make the right choices for yourself and your baby. 

Prenatal Yoga is one of the very best gifts you can give your self and your baby . 

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Replenish Director and Coordinator

Caroline Mc Menamin is a trained Integrative Counsellor specialising in C.B.T with over 15 years training and volunteering work. Caroline's experience living with her own mental health condition equips her with an personable, empathetic and non-clinical approach to working with you.

Caroline founded Replenish-an empowering array of classes, workshops and mental wellbeing events and offers six week courses and one day events here at Tree of Life.

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 Yoga teacher specializing in vinyasa, pregnancy, chair yoga & yoga for the different stages of menopause

Linda Kirwan is a yoga teacher specializing in vinyasa, pregnancy, chair yoga & yoga for the different stages of menopause. Now specialising in a suite of yoga styles/techniques to meet the needs of where students are in their life journey, physically, emotionally & spiritually.
Sharing the knowledge and techniques we need in using and adapting the yoga practice as we change/age & move through life.
She has devoted the last few years to the study of yoga & natural healing and also has qualifications in massage, aromatherapy & reflexology.
Linda completed her 200Hr Vinyasa flow training & 80Hr pregnancy in Durga Yoga Maynooth. Chair Yoga with Elma Toland & 40Hr Menopause training with Niamh Daly, Yinstinct Yoga.
Linda mixes creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness & a dose of inspiration leaving her students feeling refreshed, nourished & balanced when they step off the mat.




Yoga Instructor & Holistic Therapist

Sarah Greene is a passionate Yoga Instructor & Holistic Therapist at Tree of Life. Sarah discovered yoga on a whim after the birth of her second child. It was the gentle discipline that instilled within her a deep connection with the practice. It was through this connection that Sarah felt inspired to undergo yoga teacher training. She is also now qualified in Indian Head Massage, Holistic Facial & various types of massage. Sarah's passion about well-being through holistic therapies and the transformational power of yoga continues to grow each day. Her favourite quote by B.K.S Iyengar "Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.  The better your practice, the brighter the flame".  She now feels honoured to meet people at every stage of their life journey through the light that is yoga. 

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