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Wellness for kids

A positive first step towards greater wellbeing

Little people can experience big emotions.


These emotions can be overwhelming for both your child & you!


If you need support for your child or teen with issues such as anxiety, stress, sleeping, fears & worries, expressing feelings & identifying emotions, confidence, making friends or relaxing or calming then please do reach out.


This is where Wellness For Kids programme comes in.


We hold space for 1:1 sessions with the child and their guardian to look at learning mindfulness and meditation techniques to help little anxious minds. We also have supports in place to offer teenagers.


We produce a bespoke package that’s personal to your child's needs for them to use at home. This includes audios & a choice of resources for the child to keep and use.


Each session is tailored to the exact needs of your child giving them not only the skills for right now but for a life time.


What to expect?


Nicola will have a consultation with you before the first session to see what is going on for your child. In our first session Nicola will work on building trust with your child & ensuring they are comfortable & get their own point of view on things going on for them. Mindful breathing & meditation will also form part of our time together & they will be given some 'homework' to do for their next session. An audio will be sent for your child to continue their practice at home.


Future sessions will build on the first & begin with a check in with the child. We will then progress on to what's judged to work best for the child at the time. This may be meditation, breathing, mindset shift activities, gratitude, tapping (depending on child & if I feel appropriate). If your child wants to talk about their worries this is also incorporated. At the end of each session they will receive more 'homework'. A new audio will be sent also if the child is ready for their new one.


All of the work carried out & techniques used are age & stage appropriate.


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We provide compassionate and non-judgemental support for children and teenagers in a private, relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Nicola Shannon is fully qualified, experienced & fully Garda vetted and founding member of Wellness Ur Way. 

For a free zero obligation consultation to see if this is right for your child please just reach out we are happy to advise. For further information, contact Nicola on 085 7703058

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