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Wellness Wednesdays

Sometimes, we need a helping hand when it comes to looking after ourselves.

Ken Stanley is delighted to offer a reduced rate of only €12 per class.

Better still, if you accept our challenge of continual care,

we are giving you the option of €60 for 6 classes - aka €10 per class.

Allow Ken to bring you on a journey of self discovery as you are guided through a gentle but powerful sequence of Hatha yoga, using movement, breathwork and relaxation to guide you towards greater mental and physical wellbeing - connecting the pathways between mind, body and spirit.

Please visit our schedule or contact us to learn about upcoming availability.

Iyengar Yoga

 On Wellness Wednesdays, we are proud to offer a reduced rate for yoga as an initiative for everybody to prioritise their well-being. 


These yoga classes are designed as a midweek pick-me-up to anybody that could use a boost of health and happiness which, we believe, should be affordable for everyone.

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